Brielle Beauty


Brielle Beauty is the product of a love and passion to the beauty industry. Ever since I was young I had a passion for makeup. From chapstick and lipgloss to contouring and highlighting, my love for makeup grew and grew. In 2014, I started a youtube channel to help others find their love for makeup. Not only was I learning on the go, but I was also able to teach others how to make cosmetics work for them. There are no rules with makeup, and thats what makes it fun. Not one thing works for everyone and thats where I come into play. I have the pleasure of helping people find what works for them and help them accentuate their features without covering them up.  This opportunity wouldn't have been possible without my love for Jesus. He has given me this passion and opened up the doors for me to pursue it. Also the ongoing love and support of my family has made all these dreams possible!


The meaning of the name Brielle is God Is My Strength. The origin of the name Brielle is French.